Monday, December 20, 2010

New Audi RS7 reviews

Audi could not really go all out RS7 and leave the competition behind in the horsepower wars?
According to the American Road & Track magazine Auto, rumor has it that Audi can run with 600 hp (608 hp / 447 kW) RS7 performance variant of the A7. Under the hood, twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8, so this level of production.
The share of energy will be higher than expected output from the BMW M5 (F10), which comes with a 4.4-liter twin-turbocharged V8 produces 570 hp (425 kW / 578 hp).

Dealing with all this power, Audi RS7 features quattro all-wheel drive system with differential torque. RS7 will also come with an adaptive suspension, larger front air 19 and 20-inch wheels

New Golf R tuned to 330 bhp by APS

British tuner APS announced earnings results for its Phase 2 VW Golf R
Phase 2-pack contains an enhancement of power between 320 and 330 hp (246 kW / 335 hp), depending on the sport exhaust system for the customer decides.
Output update includes a large hole Milltek downpipe for turbo 2.0-liter TDI power plant, high-flow sports catalyst and a selection of stainless steel sports exhaust system with two 100 mm ceramic tubes.
Also part of the debugging package is a 3-way adjustable Haldex Gen4 control all four wheels, springs, height and damping adjustable KW suspension, Brembo GT brake kit and a selection of 18 or 19-inch black forged aluminum 10 wheels with Toyo tires Switzerland Sportec tuning partner.

APS is the first stage of tuning is encountered at 308 hp (230 kW / 312 hp) Golf R, from the series '266 hp (199 kW / 270 hp) at a cost £ 445 including VAT and fitting.

tuner is also promising the upcoming 350 hp (261 kW / 355 hp) Stage 3 tuning of Golf R

Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster

2012 Mercedes AMG Roadster will be unveiled until the Frankfurt Motor Show in September, but our spies have snapped a few pictures of the new convertible supercars.
He was captured outside of Stuttgart, at least disguised prototype reveals the car will be a tight soft top and glass rear window. Even if they lose wing doors, there is no doubt an eye-catching roadster, which debuted in September.
Like the coupe, the roadster is powered by a 6.3-liter (6208 cc) V8 engine with 420 kW (571 hp / 563 hp) and 650 Nm (479 lb-ft) of torque. It will be linked to a seven-speed dual-clutch, allowing the car to 0-100 km / h acceleration in 4.0 seconds and hit a top speed of 309 km / h (192 mph).

New Radical SR3 SL Road-going

Radical SR3 sports car introduced a new SL has a special fire that "the road and trackday roadster addressed. SR3 SL is its public debut at the Autosport International Show in Birmingham, UK, January 13, 2011.
SR3 SL was monitored during a run, close to the experience of Le Mans, but it is also a road-legal in the EU (in small series type approval) and Euro 5-compliant.
Power Racer is a 2000 cc (2.0 liters), direct-injection EcoBoost turbo engine produces 300 hp (224 kW / 304 hp) Ford (PPD radical engines). SR3 SL is equipped with 6-speed sequential gearbox with Fomula Such paddleshifters on the wheel.

SR3 SL weighs only 675 kilograms (1,488 pounds) and has the aerodynamics underneath the body.

Radical will also race pack option SL SR3 package a choice of engine calibration for different circumstances include - 'Road ', 'mokre'i' circuit ', the FIA-certified fuel cell bi-plane wing and rear racing tire options.

New Audi RS5 by Senner Tuning

Senner has a new tuning package for the Audi RS5, which more than 50 horses in the super sports coupe adds.
The first is the power upgrade to 4.2-liter V8 FSI engine, which is achieved by adding control valves, stainless steel exhaust and ajustments zero-pressure monitoring. Using this, the German tuner dial power to 506 hp (372 kW / 499 hp) and 478 Nm (353 lb-ft) of a range of 450 hp (331 kW / 444 hp). top speed limiter is raised to 280 km / h from 250 kmh factory settings. Sons disagreement increase to 300 km / h, if the car has good tires.
This is done to increase performance tuned RS5 Senner good for sprinting 0-100 km / h in just 4.2 seconds of time.

Senner Tuning adds Bilstein B16 PSS10 Coilover Kit with 10-degree control settings for compression and rebound cycles.

RS5 tuning the fit with 20-inch wheels, front and 9.5 x 20 11 x 20 rear, wrapped in Vredestein Sessanta Ultrac (XL), 255/30R20 and 295/25R20 tires in size, front and rear, respectively. The demonstration had the car here two sets of wheels - Spider SC1 was the driver and passengers Varianza T1.

There is also a carbon fabric mirrors, new grille and window frames in the Black Edition features.

In the cabin, including the tuner offers more of carbon fiber and leather seats on request.

The price for a package including equipment, taxes and registration in Germany is € 132.800.

New details emerge Alfa Romeo Giulia

New details began to increase in 2012th Alfa Romeo Giulia
While rumors suggested the car will be rear-wheel drive is reporting Auto Express Giulia will ride on an extended version of Giulietta front wheel drive platform. To deal with this faux pas will connect with Giulia Active Roll Control System, which automatically stiffens the springs and dampers, the car comes around.
Under the hood, other engines are offered. Petrol options are expected to contain a 1.4-liter turbo with 118 hp (88 kW / 120 hp) and 168 hp (125 kW / 170 hp) and 1.8-liter, 200 hp (149 kW / 203 hp). On the diesel side, there will be more opportunities JTDM with capacities ranging from 104 hp (78 kW / 105 hp) to 200 hp (149 kW / 203 hp).

More interesting, Quadrifoglio Verde says accepting modified version of the Chrysler Pentastar V6. It probably is 3.3 liters (instead of 3.6-l) MultiAir contains technology makes it possible to produce 300 hp (224 kW / 304 hp) to supplant.

Giulia is scheduled to go into production in late 2012, more so in the coming months expect to read.

AUTO presents new Russian hybrid

CAR launches three hybrid-electric prototype - Box microvan and Cross Coupe models.

three cars were all designed and Andrea Trofimchuk CARDI prototypes were built, which is responsible for e-mikroven and e-van and the work that made the E-crossover coupe. Both houses are based in Moscow, design studio.
They have a hybrid system that consists of several blades rotating motor, which acts as a generator and electric motors mounted on each axis.

E-mail microvan and crossover coupe, both with a curb weight of 700 kg (1543 pounds), contains 000 to 100 km / h acceleration in eight seconds and fuel consumption of 3.5 l/100 km. multiple e-van, weighing 750 kilograms (1653 pounds), was much slower, with 000-100 km / h sprint in 15 seconds. The fuel consumption is 4 liters per 100 kilometers. All three cars have a top speed of 130 km / h (80 mph).

models will go into limited production of about 10,000 units per year in 2012. Constructor is a limited liability company Onexim Yarovit.

E-car with the doors open, and consists of three prototypes of publicly available January 2 to 12

New Dodge Durango 2011

With the year coming to an end, has announced the finalists for the 2011 North American Car and Truck of the Year.

Not surprisingly, Car of the Year nominees are Leaf Nissan and Chevrolet Volt. These are related to the Hyundai Sonata, which is a loser at all.
On the car side, the result is more than a limp as candidates include the Dodge Durango, Jeep Grand Cherokee and Ford Explorer.

Winners will be selected by a jury of 49 automotive journalists and awards will be presented at the North American International Auto Show in January.